tips and tricks for dual printing with hse 

webinar on demand 

In 3D printing, the ability to print with multiple materials on the same build platform unlocks a broad range of new part geometries and features that can be printed. With the introduction of a platform that contains two truly independent print heads, Essentium has unlocked a whole new paradigm for printing within a single build volume. 

This webinar will describe the mechanical differences between DEX, SEMIDEX, and IDEX printer types as well as the additional subsystems that have been included in Essentium’s 280i platform. Information about additional algorithms and automatic calibration routines will also be included. 

After detailing the mechanical advantages and new routines of the 280i, we will detail the different print modes that are possible with two truly independent heads (Support, Multi-Process, Copy, and Independent modes). The webinar will be rounded out with some helpful preprocessing tips associated with slicing and post-processing considerations for removal of soluble support material.