rapid prototyping with HIGH SPEED EXTRUSION

webinar ON DEMAND

Oftentimes in industry, the turnaround time on potential product and part prototypes becomes crucial. Having the ability to make small or large adjustments in design as well as the ability to manufacture multiple prototypes rapidly to compare within a specified time span can create the opportunity to select the best solution. 

Traditional additive manufacturing platforms can be hindered by the amount of time it takes when it comes to producing revisions on a prototype. By utilizing a machine like the Essentium High Speed Extrusion (HSE) 3D Printing Platform, multiple revisions can be created in a greatly reduced time span.

This webinar will go into detail on how to leverage the HSE 3D Printer to quickly make changes, print them with high speed, and also include techniques on how to create multiple revisions to part without the cost of additional time. We also cover methods to segment difficult geometries to speed slicing revisions on whole parts.