Essentium PEEK is the highest performance filament in our broad materials portfolio. In addition to best-in-class printability, it has excellent thermal and chemical resistance. Essentium PEEK boasts outstanding strength, stiffness, and impact properties and is inherently flame resistant.

Developed in partnership with Lehmann & Voss and Company, Essentium's proprietary PEEK formula crystallizes over a longer period and with lower residual stresses than standard-grade PEEK materials. Essentium PEEK filament is therefore a better choice for applications where tight tolerances are critical, maximum interlayer bonding is desired, and for printing high aspect ratio geometries without warping.

Key Applications

  • Heavy duty bearings, piston parts, pumps, HPLC columns, and valves in the Aerospace, Oil & Gas, and Chemical Processing industries
  • Autoclaving; safe for sterile and food-processing environments
  • Vacuum forming