Axle Box Innovations Uses Essentium Solutions to Contribute to U.S. Made Drone Platform

Axle Box Innovations, a premiere technology development firm helps small companies bring public safety technology into the marketplace. So when SkyFire, a world-class drone solutions company, asked Axle Box to support its effort to build a drone platform for one of its forestry and fire protection clients, the race to create the product was on.

Using the Essentium High Speed Extrusion (HSE™) 3D Printing Platform and engineering materials Axle Box was able to: 

  • Produce the drone mid-body with Essentium HTN-CF25 at the lowest price point. 
  • Produce Essentium PA-CF side covers designed to fail before the mid-body without sacrificing thermal stability. 
  • Achieve superior performance during flight tests, high-speed impacts, and overall functionality assessments. 

Learn how Axle Box was able to produce components for the drone platform that exceeded mechanical property expectations, for the lowest cost and fastest lead times when compared to competitors in this detailed case study. 

CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD the Case Study.