Analysis of Cost and Time Savings For Producing Fixtures With Additive Manufacturing at Virtex


Fixturing is a key process on any manufacturing line, providing the consistency and quality needed when producing or assembling product orders. However, manufacturers often run into long lead times and high costs when machining fixtures with traditional methods. Understanding the impact these costs and lead times have on product launches and long-term manufacturing is key to identifying improvements that can save time and money.

In this webinar, Leslie Bush, applications engineer at Essentium, will walk through the implementation of a specific additive solution for fixturing with VirTex, Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider. We will talk through VirTex's traditional manufacturing processes, costs, and lead times for fixtures and highlight the impact of implementing a similar process using additive manufacturing. Then we will briefly cover part design, material selection, printing, and implementing additive fixtures into the manufacturing process already being used at Virtex.

By the end of the webinar, you will understand the costs and timing needed for EMS fixtures created with traditional methods compared to additive manufacturing methods. This analysis will demonstrate the long-term cost and lead time savings that are attainable when an additive workflow is applied to fixture production.

PRESENTER: Leslie Bush, Applications Engineer at Essentium